Diversity and Ethnicity - Inclusion Training

There are over 100 nations in EurAsia alone.  Many experts claim there are over 3000+ ethnic groups in the world.

Here is a US Government History of Slavery and Trafficking affecting Sicilians, Africans, Women and others.

Our training is unique as we truthfully explain:

  1. We train people to better understand the thousands of ethnicities on this planet and to be color blind and treat everyone equally.
  2. We train people to bring out the best in each other to aspire for greatness.
  3. We explain who is responsible for the Slavery and the Civil War from the Northeast Dutch traders to the Confederate Democrats losing the Civil War. 
  4. We identify the politicans responsible for segregation, the KKK, and Jim Crow.
  5. We identify the universities, unions, and politicians that participated in racism.
  6. We legally document and expose who is responsible for lynching and structural racism from Thomas Jefferson, to Jefferson Davis all the way up to Woodrow Wilson, FDR,  Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter.
  7. We tell the truth, and we don't white wash the seminaries,  churches, unions and political organizations responsible for systematic bigotry, segregation,  and hatred.
  8. We analyze issues that many are afraid to expose such as the racism of Hollywood, Unions, and Athletic clubs both College and National.
  9. We look at the global tribal racism from Rwanda and Uganda to the Balkans and England & Ireland.