Rules for Ethnic Lives Advocates for People of All Colors

  1. Never put one ethnicity over another ethnicity. Be inclusive of all ethnic lives.
  2. Ancestry or country of origin has nothing to do with a persons character.
  3. We advocate equal education for all ethnicities.
  4. We believe that any training or preaching that admonishes anyone for the color of their skin is an abomination and illegal.
  5. We believe that any teaching that discriminates against anyone for the color of their skin, eyes or hair should be banned.
  6. All people should have equal access to jobs, education, and loans.
  7. We believe that lives of people from rural and underserved communities should not be discriminated against.
  8.  Never judge somebody based on their country of origin, accent, or where they come from within the USA.
  9. All government workers, priests, university workers, seminary workers should avoid  racist attitudes towards other people's skin color.
  10. Affirmative Action has existed for over 50 years, and it is time for Affirmative Action to be applied to ALL ethnic minorities which have been discriminated against historically such as:  Irish, Native American, Italian, Russian, Asian and countless others.

From a psychological and spiritual perspective, racist talk and discussions is an ego based activity. Many white people who have no ethnic ancestry are hard core advocates against racism while attempting to use racist issues to advance their political views. As such, racist talk and discussions should only be discussed in a venue where all people have agreed to listen to this type of racial debate.